Lifesaving Resources' Mission Statement
To prevent the number of drowning and aquatic injuries in the United States through education and training of Lifeguard, Aquatics Safety, Recreation, Public Safety & Rescue personnel, as well as the general public.

Water & Ice Rescue Training for First Responders

International Train-the-Trainer Academies

Lifesaving Resources conducts annual Ice Rescue and Water Rescue Train-the-Trainer Academies for the purpose of training representatives of Fire, Rescue, EMS, and Law Enforcement agencies as authorized Water Rescue and Swiftwater Rescue Instructors. Upon successful completion of either Academy, graduates are authorized to conduct training programs within their own departments and to award course completion certificates to their participants. These courses meet/exceed NFPA 1670 Standard for Technical Rescue and are conducted throughout North America within the United States and Canada. Customized Academies can be conducted on request for Fire, Rescue, EMS, and Law Enforcement. Custom Academies depend on availability of local lodging facilities and faculty, a minimum of 6 instructor candidates, and a minimum of 3.5 day schedule.

Ice Rescue

February 19-22, 2015
Portland, Maine

Water Rescue

May 14 - May 17, 2015
Portland, Maine

Ice Safety and Rescue PSA

The Power of Water Should Never Be Underestimated; Its Beauty, Strength or Force.
Life Cannot Exist Without Water. It Empowers Us and Commands Respect.

Be Ready For It!

Friends of the Academy

In September 2003, The Committee of the European Lifeguard Academy awarded Gerald M. Dworkin and Lifesaving Resources as "Friends of the Academy".

Educational Programs

Lifesaving Resources LLC develops comprehensive training programs in Aquatics Safety, Lifeguarding, Water Rescue, Swiftwater Rescue, and Ice Rescue and conducts this training throughout North America for the Pubic Safety and Rescue, as well as the Lifeguard and Aquatic Recreation sectors.