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Secondary drowning can cause death 48 hours after exposure to water

SALT LAKE CITY — One mother’s worst nightmare ended, luckily, in happy tears.

Lifesaving Resources graduates 17 new Water Rescue Instructors

Lifesaving Resources concluded its 2014 WATER RESCUE TRAIN-THE-TRAINER ACADEMY on Sunday, May 18, in Portland, Maine and graduated 17 new Water Rescue Instructors representing Fire, Rescue, EMS, and/o

Florida kid drownings almost an epidemic but nobody seems to care

Jonathan Feliciano died in what ought to be considered an epidemic in Florida. He drowned.

Near-Drowning, $1M Payout Brings Lifeguarding Changes

The scene at the Buffalo public swimming pool where 37-year-old Jannette Morales nearly drowned in 2009 looked chaotic.

Minn. could be first state to require swimming lessons

Twin Cities, Minn. ( --Two Minnesota Lawmakers are pushing to require public schools to teach swimming lessons.

Hyperventilation Induced Blackout (HIB)

There has been a great deal of confusion and mixed messages pertaining to Shallow Water Blackout, prolonged breath holding, and blackout induced by hyperventilation and prolonged breath holding.

Standard Guide for Throwing a Water Rescue Throwbag

We've just had the opportunity to review the new ASTM Standard Guide for Throwing a Water Rescue Throwbag (F1730-96) that was reap proved in 2014.