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Camp, recreation officials say life-jacket law is too restrictive

WORCESTER — Camping association and recreation department officials voiced their concerns during a public hearing Wednesday about a 2012 state law requiring life jackets for children and adding strict

Florida lawsuit set to define schools' legal duty to use AEDs

Few can know the pain felt by a parent whose child becomes permanently brain damaged - or even dies - as a result of suffering a cardiac arrhythmia while playing high school sports.

Beating the Invisible Shark: The Story of the Wahooo Swim Monitor System

Like any kid would during a hot sticky summer, my two children – a nine-year-old girl and a twelve-year-old boy – wanted to bike around the corner with their friends and go swimming at a park here in

Twin toddlers drown in Deerfield Beach pool

Twin toddlers died Tuesday night after they were found floating in an apartment complex pool in Deerfield Beach.





Christine 'Tink' Newman's medical miracle: Revived from near death

A 24-year-old Metro Vancouver woman is extremely lucky to be alive, after she was found nearly dead in the snow by strangers who administered CPR for hours.

3 firefighters OK after being caught in flooding during water rescue

CENTERVIEW, Mo. —Three firefighters were rescued after being caught up in swift currents during a water rescue in rural Johnson County, Mo., early Thursday morning.

Man in critical condition after water rescue in Burnsville

A man in his mid-40s is in critical condition after breaking through the ice on Sunset Pond in Burnsville Monday afternoon.

DFW parents reminded that Texas leads nation in child drownings at pools

ARLINGTON — Though surrounded by lifeguards and instructors, 4-year-old Kerem Guvelioglu sank unnoticed to the bottom of the pool where he was receiving his first summer camp swimming lessons.

School drowning highlights need for lifeguards, lessons

ST. LOUIS PARK, Minn. — The recent drowning of a St. Louis Park seventh-grader in his school's swimming pool was a rare incident, but not unprecedented.