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Kennebunkport Firefighters complete Ice Rescue training

Firefighters and EMS personnel from the Kennebunkport Fire Department and Kennebunkport Emergency Medical Services (KEMS) participated in a Lifesaving Resources' Ice Rescue training course on March 12

Royal Canadian Air Force rewriting rules after rescuer's drowning death in icy Arctic waters

The Royal Canadian Air Force is considering a rewrite of its rules for high-risk search-and-rescue missions following the investigation of a dramatic Arctic rescue in which one of its members died.

NY woman dies trying to rescue her dogs from river

GLENS FALLS, N.Y. — Authorities say a woman who tried to rescue her dogs from the upper Hudson River has died after she broke through the ice and was pulled from the water by a firefighter.

Drowning Man Prepares To Sue His Rescuers

In America’s increasingly litigious culture, it is truer than ever that no good deed goes unpunished.

Hot tub 911 call

NEWTON, Kansas — A young girl is recovering after a near drowning in a hot tub at a hotel in Newton. The accident provides a warning that parents need to know.

Kennebunkport Fire Department to practice ice rescues

Members of the Kennebunkport Fire Department will participate in Ice Rescue training this week conducted by Lifesaving Resources.

Twin Toddlers in Near-Drowning in Sunrise

Twin toddlers were rushed to the hospital after they were found in an apartment complex pool in Sunrise Thursday, officials said.

Former Buena Vista fire chief due in court Friday

In late January, he was indicted on nearly 80 counts after a State Police investigation found he was faking certificates for swift water rescue courses he taught to dozens of first responders in our a

Proposed bill would require K-12 swim lessons

MINNEAPOLIS - A Minnesota lawmaker is determined to do something to cut down the chances of young people drowning in the Land of 10,000 lakes.