Pool Safely Digital Assets

The Pool Safely campaign has developed a number of new digital tools and customizable materials aimed to raise awareness about pool and spa safety.

There are a number of digital tools which can help demonstrate your support for the Pool Safely campaign, including:

Pool Safely Logos: The Pool Safely logos may be used on websites, e-newsletters, and other electronic communications and are available in both a four and two color style and may only be altered for size constraints.

Pool Safely Hyperlink Buttons: The Pool Safely hyperlink buttons may be used to link to PoolSafely.gov directly from your website, e-newsletter, HTML email signature, and other forms of electronic communications and are available in two different versions.

Pool Safely Hyperlink Banners: The Pool Safely hyperlink banners can be displayed on your website and e-newsletter. Banners are available in a vertical, horizontal and square layout for your use. Three of the four banners are flash animated and can be loaded as both an animated or static image and the fourth only as a static banner. We encourage you to download the banners and link directly to PoolSafely.gov.

Pool Safely Customizable Materials: The customizable PDFs allow you to include up to two lines of text and can feature your company name. To use these new customizable files, you will need both Adobe Acrobat and access to a professional printer.

Also, you can always order free promotional campaign materials, while supplies last, by completing and submitting the attached material order form via email or fax. Please note that we are currently out of stock of sunglasses and English-language fans. We do not plan to restock sunglasses but may order more fans. If you submit an order, your request for fans will be back ordered and fulfilled if and when that item is available.

For any questions regarding customizable materials or about the new digital tools, please contact armando.diaz@widmeyer.com.