Lt. John Robertson

Fairfield Fire & Rescue

Gerry and Crew at Lifesaving Resources,
I just wanted you folks to know that on June 11th we had an 18 year old lose his life in the Kennebec River. He was swimming in the river, and was taken in the current. The reports from by-standers was that he was unable to swim or not a very strong swimmer at that. I would like to let you know that the training we had last summer certainly came into use. Everyone involved, Maine Warden Service, Kennebec County Dive Team, Fairfield Police, Waterville Fire, Winslow Fire has commented on our ability to respond and preform on this call. One of the near by residents is a professional commercial diver, he came to the station today and stated that he was impressed with our crew's knowledge and skills. I believe we owe alot to you for coming up to Fairfield last year. The training we received and the equipment that you recommended were out standing. The out come was not what we hoped for, but if there was any chance we would have saved him.